Heredis 2014 pour WindowsChoose Heredis 2014.

» To go further with your research.

New 2014 highlights.

Search Wizard, Extended Family View, Find Relationships, Migrations Map, Heredis Online, Management of branches, Descendants View.

Aide à la RechercheSearch Wizard.

» Solve the mysteries of your genealogy.

This highly innovative feature allows you to take a look at where you are in your research and highlights known or missing items from your genealogy. It suggests different ways forward and proposed various online research tools targeted to websites such as Heredis Online, Ancestry, My Heritage...

Recherche de liensFind Relationships.

» Weave the links in your genealogy.

Why is this person in your file? How is he/she connected to your lineage? Discover easily the links that unite two people.

Heredis OnlineHeredis Online.

» New service for publishing and research on the Internet.

You have a website dedicated to your genealogy, searchable by your family and your friends and no extra cost ! Start your research on over hundred million of people in the online family trees. All this without ever leaving Heredis!

MigrationsMigrations Map.

» Trace the movements of a whole family.

The movements of your ancestors are displayed by Heredis on interactive maps. Keep track simultaneously of the migration of your lineage through each life event of all those who are close to the primary person.

Famille étendue.Extended Family View.

» The full family version!

Heredis 2014 displays all those who were close to your ancestors in a only one screen: siblings, remarriage, stepchildren, step-brothers and step-sisters, children from other unions of the different partners...

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Many of you have expressed your enthusiasm for Heredis 2014 in the forums, through the social networks or by mail ... Here are some examples of your enthusiastic comments. We thank you.

Heredis 2014

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Date 27/11/2013
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Version 14.2

Version 14.2
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Date 27/11/2013
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Heredis 2014 offers two new views for your genealogy: the Extended Family View and the Migrations Map.
The Find Relationships function is a great tool that analyzes all the connections of your file to bring out all the links that unite two people.

Make the most of Heredis Online, new service for publishing and research on the Internet.

The family in all its glory!

  • » Immediate Family

    Heredis offers three different angles for visualizing your family. The Immediate Family Tab displays all the members of the immediate family (parents, spouses, children, grandparents). Go straight to the point by adding a new family member in the Immediate Family tab. Adding a child, a spouse, a parent, a grandparent is obvious! One click and you access the quick entry screen.

  • » Extended Family View

    This new and more comprehensive view of your family shows its composition as a whole: siblings, remarriage, stepchildren, step- brothers and step-sisters, children from other unions of the different spouses… noting or not when they belong to the direct lineage. All the people with whom they lived, all those who they knew are in the extended family. A practical tool for analyzing re-marriages in the family.

  • » Migrations Map

    Heredis software shows the movement of a whole family on maps which are interactive. Within seconds, trace the lives of your ancestors and a whole lineage just a few miles away or at the other end of the world. Pins are numbered to show the sequence of movements and display the list of events recorded in this place. Ideal for following the movements of all members of the immediate family and to have a clearer understanding of the history of a family.

The family in all its glory!

To go further with your research!

  • » A smart tool

    NewYour Search assistant can take stock of your work by displaying the progress of the life of your ancestor. The display of known or missing information for the primary person and those around him/her will highlight certain unexplored tracks. At a glance, you will know if a date or place is missing. You will know if you have associated a source, witnesses, media, notes, with any event.

  • » A successful tool

    NewThe Search Wizard proposes various online research tools targeted to sites such as Heredis Online, Ancestry, MyHeritage, Family Search… Heredis pre-fills relevant data that is already known. At any moment, you may find new information that will add to your work. If a search has not been successful, the record of your previous research allows you to come back to it at a later date.

  • » A powerful tool

    NewMemorize different family branches, with ancestors as well as descendants, as a base for your research and its evolution. Each person displayed in the branch has a visual cue showing the status of main events (complete, incomplete, missing). You have a display filter available to choose between branch ends, complete persons, persons for whom further research is required…

  • A smart tool
  • A successful tool
  • A powerful tool
Viewing your descendants
Heredis Online
A free website for your genealogy!

Data Entry, one of the Heredis strong points

  • » Data Entry control

    To avoid mistakes, the data entry control is permanent. Text formatting is automatic and text input predictive. Heredis will automatically recognize the main French and English language town names, but also given names and professions within a word list of more than 15,000 names and 2,000 occupations. Example, when entering a forename, the sex is automatically determined. Of course, for Cameron, you choose if it is a man or a woman. Take full advantage of automatic entry in all sections. Whether it’s a nickname, a title, or a subdivision of a place, Heredis will suggest previously entered data for each type of information.

    Root person

    » Root person

    It sometimes happens that you need to change the root person. Move to the person in question and set it as No. 1. Heredis will then simply re-number the entire file.

    » Automatic calculation of dates and ages

    To avoid additional data entry, Heredis automatically calculates the date of birth of persons whose age is known only at an event. The age of the father mentioned in a birth certificate allows you to create the father or to complete his details by indicating his probable year of birth. This will make it easier to find the birth certificate of the father in order to progress in your genealogy.

  • » Customized data entry

    In all input screens, Heredis provides several different ways of working. To display only the main headings, use the Basic mode. To benefit from all sections of possible entry, use the Comprehensive mode. Finally, to display only the information that interests you, select the Customized mode, which you can reset at any time. You may easily change the mode, depending on the information to be entered by clicking the indented wheel button.

    Customized data entry

    » High speed Data Entry!

    The time you spend on data entry will be reduced by 50 % because you will enter data for all the members of the family on one screen. No longer any need to move from one screen to another, everything is done on the Family Group Data tab: the primary person, the parents, unions, children, and even spouses of the children are shown.

    » Enter data anywhere!

    Add a child directly, or a grandfather on the Immediate Family tab. On the Personal data tab, you may enter the whole life of an person, including all unions. With the Family Group Data tab, you can create a whole family line.

  • » Unlimited

    A genealogy file is never ending. With Heredis, there are no limits: persons, items, events, notes, sources and witnesses.


    » Notes

    Heredis is equipped with all the tools for text formatting. Enter an person, couple, event, place, name, media notes… and have fun in making them more readable by changing their format: a little color, a word in bold, titles, bulleted lists. A real treat!

    » A Complete Data Entry

    With Heredis, your data entry is finally complete! Anyone who has played a role in the lives of your ancestors may be associated with their record: witness to a marriage, declarant of a birth, cousin present at a decoration ceremony, etc. You can create witnesses for each event. If a witness is already in your file, you may associate him or her by simple drag and drop. This is a real advantage, for genealogists know well that witnesses are very often family members (grandparents, uncles and aunts or their spouses).

Your genealogy is universal

Everywhere, at all times, with everbody else!

Heredis is open to all platforms. Whether you have a PC, a Mac, an iPad or iPhone, your genealogy will always be to hand. Your Heredis file is compatible with all recent versions of Heredis. You work from any device. At any moment, a change may be done on any device. Synchronize. Your genealogy is up-to-date on all your devices. No longer any lost data! Your data is saved everywhere. Your illustrations are integrated directly into your genealogy file.
You cannot imagine all the possibilities open to you. Exchange your data easily with other genealogists: send a branch to your cousin who has a Mac, recover your friend’s file from his iPhone, synchronize your work on the family computer and your phone.

A huge variety of family tree charts.

  • » No limits

    10, 50 or even 100 generations? The size of your descendant, ascendant or mixed tree charts, is unlimited. Convenient when you have a large family.

    No limits

    » Designed tree charts

    The Heredis designed tree charts are not only aesthetic. They are simple to build. No other software can boast of such transcendent tree charts with only 2 clicks. The formatting is powerful and changes are made in real time. From A4 to A0, the graphical tree charts have up to 7 generations. Drawn by an artist, these ascendant tree charts have been worked to provide you with appropriate layouts for each paper size. You therefore now have original and aesthetically pleasing tree charts that require only be printed!

    » Hourglass

    You may show the ancestry and descent of a person on the same tree chart. This overview can be very useful.

  • » Ascendant Tree charts

    Discovering your ancestors is great. Presenting and showing them graphically is even better. With Heredis, and with only 2 clicks, you build ascendant tree charts of all sizes, in all shapes: Single-page pedigree charts, Fan Charts…

    » Descendant Tree charts

    The display of your ancestry with an optimized and clarified presentation is now possible. The various spouses of each descendant are presented in the same space. They have a number that is found with each child. Very convenient for locating and viewing half-brothers and sisters.

    Ascendant Tree charts
  • » Construction parameters

    This is clear and accurate. Choose a theme; specify the desired size, or the number of generations in the unlimited tree charts. You can hide or exclude confidential persons, exclude secondary persons or marked persons. Adjust the size of boxes in the tree chart, change the contents of boxes of a generation, apply a different color to an important ancestor, turn the highest boxes … All this easily. The connecting lines of the unlimited tree charts are also modifiable.

    Construction parameters

    » Navigating through a tree chart

    The list of persons in any tree chart is convenient for locating an ancestor in a large tree chart. Look for them in the Persons panel of the chart (by name, forename, gender). A click on a name and the person is selected in the tree chart. Double-click on the name and you instantly slide to him.

Tree charts

Powerful and easily handled tools.

Search for Relationships

Check consistency of data» Find duplicates

Heredis controls for duplicates during data entry, but imported data from other genealogists or a moment of inattention can create duplicates. This search tool clearly shows the list of potential duplicates. If there is a duplicate, you may merge the two persons by selecting the relevant information. If the two persons are clearly distinct, Heredis allows you to report that they no longer appear as potential duplicates in any future research.


Hundreds of genealogical records

» The written Book of your Family

For ancestors and descentants, the illustrated book tells the story of your genealogy and prepares for you a entirely written up, real family book.
The ADVANTAGE: view at a glance all the pictures you have on your ancestors in your illustrated book. A real family photo album for your genealogy.

» The Sheets Timeline

Edit sheets for persons or couples. Print, export, analyze, rework every ancestor. With synthetic or detailed sheets, Heredis displays the information you need.

A truly agreeable work environment

Intuitive interface

» Toolbar

You have direct access to the functions you use most often with the toolbar. Checking consistency of data or Find duplicates, Notes or Internet publishing: you display only what you use. The Customize button is always available to make changes to your toolbar. Alter the size of icons, display the text under the icons, add or remove buttons, change the order of buttons. Perfectly adapted to the way you work!

Windows System Requirements

  • Windows XP SP3 or VISTA or 7 or 8
  • 250 MB disk space required
  • Screen 1024×700 minimum
  • Internet connection for research, publishing & integrated maps

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