Free trial version of Heredis 2014 for Windows

Heredis 2014 is the complete solution for your genealogy: Heredis will do it ALL. Heredis 2014 proposes more than 200 useful functions. Heredis is to date the best genealogy software. Not only because it is loaded with innovative and unique features, but also because the addition of all these features makes the Heredis software unbeatable.

Download the free Heredis 2014 for Windows Demo!
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After form has been submitted, click the download link. When the download is complete, double-click the InstallENHeredis2014.exe file.

Once the installation is complete:

1. Double-click the Heredis 2014 blue leaf on your desktop to launch the software.
2. Click ‘Try’ to explore all the features of the software.


  • Windows XP SP3 or VISTA or 7 or 8
  • 250 MB disk space required
  • Screen 1024×700 minimum
  • Internet connection for research, publishing & integrated maps


This demo version of Heredis 2014 for Windows is free and works without time limit!

descriptionDemo mode

Create up to 50 individuals

The demo version allows you to create as many genealogical files you want provided they do not exceed 50 individuals per file.

Import Gedcom or Heredis file import of all sizes

You may also import and export GEDCOM or Heredis files of all sizes to see how your family file is treated and discover the different modes of data presentation. When the open file contains more than 50 persons, printing and modifying data are not available. However you can publish your family tree to Heredis Online regardless of its size. You may then continue once you have acquired the full version of Heredis 2014 for Windows.


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Heredis has set itself the goal of providing the best possible software for your genealogy. We welcome any suggestions that could help to improve it and we attach great importance to your comments, for they allow us to adapt the software to your constantly changing needs.
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