Heredis 2014

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Trial Version
file InstallENHeredis2014.exe
Date 27/11/2013
Weight 250 MB

Version 14.2

Version 14.2
file InstallENHeredis2014.exe
Date 27/11/2013
Weight 250 MB

The new features of Heredis 2014 for Windows

Research Wizard
The Extended Family view
Search for Relationships
The other new functions
Heredis Online
Heredis Online
Other new points with the 2014 version
Other new points with the 2014 version

New Features of Heredis 2014 for Windows

NAVIGATION AND DATA – another way of researching your ancestors WINDOWS
Extended Family: navigation and display of all those who were close to your ancestors: brothers and sisters, other spouses of parents, brothers and sisters-in-law…
Migration of your ancestors: all the events of the primary person and his or her immediate family are displayed on a map
Details of the migration of ancestors: tooltips with all the events for each place
Descendants view: displays the descendants of the primary person over the number of generations you determine. You may fold or unfold generations, search in the descendants, highlight any duplicate lines, export or print the descendants
Locking of the Descendants view, allowing navigation for other persons without changing the descendants
PUBLISHING – sharing your genealogy with your family  
Heredis Online publishing service for your family tree: publishing your data and media to your free personal website directly from your Heredis 2014 software in a few clicks.
Your Heredis Online account: your profile, you family tree home page, your file statistics (number of persons, the most recent events, the oldest, the place most often mentioned…), list of all your family trees
Search in your personal website by name or period…
Family view showing all events of the person, immediate family (parents, spouses, children, siblings, uncles & aunts and other linked persons), ancestors tree chart, details for events, sources and places
Timeline for each person: all the events marking his or her life in chronological order
Photo album of the person and related events
Descendants view
Places Index
Interactive maps of places where your ancestors lived
RESEARCH – a leap forward for your genealogy  
Search for common ancestors between two persons
Search for relatives
Search for other types of links
Printing of relationship tables
Branches panel: Heredis records both ascendant and descendant branches. You may display only the branch ends, or only complete persons or only the ‘Search Record’ event status. You may hide already complete persons or sort by change date. The icons also give you a view of the progress of your research.
Memorization of researched branches
Search wizard: highlights missing elements of your genealogy, suggests ways to advance in your research and offers online tools targeted to sites such as Heredis Online, Ancestry or MyHeritage
History of previous researches
Addition of your own research sites
Research notes
GRAPHICS – Customized workspace  
Customizing your Heredis software Home Page
Choice of graphic themes (blue, grey, white, charcoal, Marshmallow, Meringue, Pistachio or Chocolate)