Free family tree mobile app for iOS and Android

Discover HEREDIS’s free genealogy mobile app for iOS and Android

Are you looking for a genealogy application to use on your tablet or smartphone?
Then discover the iOS and Android app for your family trees on-the-go and any nomadic input.

HEREDIS, one of the most popular software programs in the genealogy world, gives you the opportunity to take your genealogical data with you anywhere you go. On your Android tablet or your iPad, on your iPhone or Android smartphone, HEREDIS’s free mobile app allows you to add and modify persons, to send your family trees by email and to print them, to consult and add to your media collection, to view, browse, and to share your family trees with your Mac and PC software. Any modification made to your family tree on one device can be updated on all other devices. You may also choose to import a GEDCOM file if your data has been entered using another genealogy software.

iOS 13 or later version required – Solely compatible with Heredis 2022 (Mac and PC)
Android 9 or later version required and requires Google services – Solely compatible with Heredis 2022 (Mac and PC)

During family gatherings, collect your relatives’ oral testimonies, ask them to tell you some anecdotes and memories from their lives. You can enrich the content of your genealogical data with notes and photos, at no extra cost. On our iPhone and iPad versions, put things down in writing using voice dictation to Siri. The data on your ancestor is directly added to your genealogy file. It’s instantaneous and free!

Also, on iOS, Heredis can automatically calculate a date of birth based on the age mentioned on a certificate. Dates can be inputted using either a Gregorian, Julian, Republican, or Jewish calendar.

To download the HEREDIS genealogy applications for free, click on the version of your choice.

Full-on power

Enter all of your data, even on a small screen, in an unlimited way. Take your genealogy file along with you, everywhere you go!

Made in Heredis

All of your Heredis software key features are now at hand on your cellphone or tablet.

Share a genealogy

The “Share on local network” function allows you to transfer, update or save your genealogy with several computers, tablets, mobiles. You are now up to date on all devices!


Direct photo taking enables illustrations to be instantly uploaded to your tree. All the data from your original file is available on your phone. Scroll through your media files and import additional pictures from Photos.

Tree charts

Elegant family trees available on iPhone and iPad, going up to 6 generations. Zoom in by spreading your fingers. Scroll down on the screen to display other boxes in a larger size. Want to share your tree? Email it or print it.

These free genealogy apps are at your disposal even if you are a not HEREDIS user.