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Dynamic ancestors wheel

Edit a wheel chart of your ancestors to visualize a 360° representation of your family tree!

Color the persons in the wheel either by generation, gender, quarter, by complete or marked persons, so as to highlight the most relevant data from your genealogy file.

This representation allows you to quickly visualize if any ancestor is missing in any branch.

Your wheel chart can include up to 12 generations. It can be exported to PDF and then be printed: this is a great-looking ancestors wheel chart to share with your relatives!


Dead ends

A father or mother can’t seem to be found?

It is not uncommon to come across abandoned children or children born with unknown fathers when doing genealogical research. In most cases, chances of finding out who the parents were are quite slim. You can now categorize such “dead ends” in a quick and easy manner by checking the Untraceable Father and Untraceable Mother boxes. At any moment, you may thus declare these persons as Complete so you can move on and focus on more fruitful researches without wasting additional time in your genealogical endeavors.

Thanks to this new label, you will see right away whether any ancestor needs to be searched for or not.

This information can be found in the sheets or even in your GEDCOM file.


Declare a person as complete

Do you know full well that you won’t find any additional information on a given person in your genealogy? You may now indicate that this person is “complete” thanks to the “Declare as complete” label in the Personal Data tab. A huge time saver!


Import indexes

From now on, you can retrieve indexes created by fellow genealogists or in other Heredis genealogy files. Retrieve his or her entire work on the places, including media, place descriptions, etc. Available for Surnames, Given Names, Occupations, Places and Sources!


Help and support

When purchasing our new version, you will enjoy 2 years of technical support via email – quite useful if you come across any issue or if you have how-to questions on your software.

Dozens of improvements...

Always listening to our users and their comments, this new version of Heredis gives pride of place to improvements! Discover them below…

Swap parents easily

If one of your ancestors’ father and mother were inverted by mistake, you can now swap them easily. The correction will be applied to all siblings.


Display the preferred picture in the following summaries: Families, Media, Citation, Sources.

Smart Search

Take advantage of the option to process an entire selection of events, facts and do searches within the note of a media… You may also perform searches on Ahnentafel numbers, implexes, and between one generation and another.

Hide empty boxes

Hide empty boxes in the ancestors’ tree chart and get a better view of all available or missing data. (Family tab> Ancestry)

Merging assistant

Alerts during merges have been added to encourage users to merge parents first and thus avoid mistakes…

Search Tracking

Add a filter when tracking your searches to display treetops only: a real time saver that will let you see what is left to do and what to start with!

Comments in a date

Comments may now be added to a date and be displayed in the Immediate family, XXL Family, in GEDCOM exports, etc.

Display Places

Display Places where Place subdivisions have all been geolocated, with a brand-new green pin.

Custom Reports

Additional fields – “creation date” and “change date” of a person. A new option in the Places Report: grouping a place name and its variants.


Les développeurs ont été attentifs aux remontées que vous nous avez faites par rapport aux bugs que vous avez rencontré ! De nombreuses corrections ont donc été faites dans la version 2019 !
Cette version a été grandement optimisée et règle quelques problèmes de lenteur notamment.

Quelques exemples de corrections pour la version Windows

  • Grâce à la gestion de l’UTF8, vous allez pouvoir afficher et saisir des caractères en provenance d’autres alphabets : l’arabe, le cyrillique, l’hindou, le chinois, le russe… bref vos ancêtres étrangers vont pouvoir s’exprimer !

  • Les Dictionnaires changent de présentation pour la liste des utilisations pour tous les dictionnaires.

  • Le Dictionnaire des lieux ajoute l’icône sexe dans les utilisations.

  • Dans les Préférences du fichier, la limitation concernant le commentaire a été supprimée.

Quelques exemples de corrections pour la version Mac

  • Pour les événements : un message de confirmation apparaît en cas d’ajout d’une source déjà liée à l’événement.

  • Le Dictionnaire des médias ajoute un filtre sur les médias des professions.

  • L’Aide à la saisie s’enrichit : les lieux fournis par Heredis contenant le mot “à” sont désormais trouvés dès qu’on tape cette lettre.

  • Une nouvelle icône est disponible dans la fenêtre d’édition des notes pour voir si la note est privée ou non.

Specifics improvements...

  • Day of the week in the date converter: in the side panel > Dates tab > when a date is converted, the corresponding day of the week is displayed..
  • Repositories Index: the option to “Remove all unused repositories” has been added.
  • Search Common Ancestors: the feature has been improved and the Common Ancestors chart has been translated.
  • Media Index: media can now be displayed as a list in the Media Index.
  • Sources Index: you may now do searches within the note.
  • Display relationships with the Root Person in the Immediate Family screen when dealing with implexes: you will get a better understanding of the implex source.
  • Persons panel: additional filter added, “Living Only”.
  • You can now check your Heredis version and see if your software is up to date.
  • Variants in indexes: when variants are available in an index (Surnames, Given Names, Occupations, Places), you may now modify the main variant.
  • Media Index: perform a search in the media notes.
  • Adding a person: the summary pops up displaying all available data.

System requirements

  • Windows 8.1 and 10
  • 500 MB disk space required
  • 4 GB of RAM
  • Screen 1366×768 minimum (11″)
  • Internet connection
  • Local administrator account
  • English and German version
  • High Sierra (10.13),  Mojave (10.14), Catalina (10.15), Big Sur (11)
  • 500 MB disk space required
  • 4 GB of RAM
  • Screen 1366×768 minimum (11″)
  • 64 bits only
  • Internet connection
  • English and German version

Heredis 2021

22 September 2020
Dynamic ancestors wheel – Dead ends – Declare a person as complete – Import indexes and dozens of improvements! Read more

Heredis 2020

12 December 2019
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Heredis 2019

4 December 2018
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Heredis moves

24 April 2017
Heredis invests in 400m2 of renovated offices in the heart of the millennium district in Montpellier to welcome new employees and continue its international development. Read more


9 December 2015
BSD Concept launches Heredis for Android! Free and available on the Play Store, genealogists can now move everywhere with their family tree files on all their Android devices. » Read the press releases Read more


15 July 2014
BSD Concept has been taken over by its employees in the form of a SCOP. Read more

20 years

15 January 2014
Heredis celebrates 20 years of existence. Read more

App Store

24 January 2013
Heredis for Mac is on sale on the App Store. Read more

Blue suite apps

8 May 2012
Launch of Heredis Blue Suite for PC, Mac and iOS in France and internationally. Read more

Outside printing

21 January 2010
Heredis offers its users the possibility to print large format family trees directly from their software to an outside printing organisation. Read more

Planète Généalogie

17 January 2007
Launch of “Planète Généalogie”, destined for publications and other researches of genealogists. Read more

N°1 in France

15 February 2006
Heredis voted favorite genealogy software in France according to the GFK France Research Institute. Read more

German market

7 April 2004
Heredis reaches the German market with its version 7.2 for Windows. Read more


17 January 2001
First version of Heredis for Mac aimed at international markets. Read more

Complementary software

10 March 1998
Launch of complementary software for genealogy, notably “La France à la Loupe” and the “Livre de Famille”. Read more


22 January 1997
Diffusion of Heredis extended to retail distribution. Read more

Apple Expo

18 April 1996
Major success for Heredis at Apple Expo (best software, excluding games) Read more

For Windows

24 October 1995
Launch of Heredis for Windows. Read more

For Mac

22 June 1994
Creation of Heredis for Macintosh. Diffusion by press cuttings and meetings with genealogists throughout the French Regions. Read more