Heredis 2022. Your ancestors (re)born.

New features

Merge your duplicate ancestors, with ease and under control!

You have created a person who already existed in your genealogy? You have imported your cousin’s genealogical data into yours and now find yourself with a bunch of duplicates?
Heredis 2022 offers a brand-new merge module! It will assist you from A to Z during this usually tricky process thanks to a comparison tree! Review all the information of a person as easily as ABC.

Filter potential duplicates and display a preview to compare duplicate persons in a tree. Navigate through your genealogy using the comparison tree and switch from one person to another – if need be – to fully understand the family context of the persons to be merged. Colorful alerts and summaries will help you prevent mistakes!
This tool offers a very high level of precision in the selection of information to be merged.
The automatic filling of identical data will also save you some time. All you have to do is focus on the conflicts to be managed thanks to the alerts that will guide your choices.
You can choose to merge all the information related to a person (Notes, Alternate names, Spouses or even Person sources…) and visualize the result before merging. Thus keeping it all fully under control!


Edit your Descendants Wheel.

Display in just one click a person’s descendants thanks to a 360° representation and highlight exciting data: their descendants by Family (spouse), all descendants in the Ahnentafel lineage, descendants whose other parent remains unknown, descendants by branch… As many options as you can think of to highlight key elements in your genealogy!
You’ll keep shedding more light on your family history thanks to Heredis 2022!


Gather ALL families from any given village in one genealogy book

Become an expert on a place by editing your own historical reconstructions of villages!
Heredis 2022 allows you to edit a new genealogical book entitled Families from my village. It lists all the families, in alphabetical order, who lived or passed through this place: a person, his/her parents, his/her spouses and children as well as the children’s spouses! A trove of information that will undoubtedly help genealogists conducting researches in a specific location!
This is an ideal feature for societies collecting local records and resources in order to carry out family reconstitutions in a given town or village.

These books represent an inventory of all the archival documents you have unearthed over time about a town or village, recorded in a single book.
Find out which families were the largest in one given place, or on the contrary the smallest, thanks to an easy to-use indexed directory that is likely to save a considerable amount of time to whomever tries to locate his/her roots.
Display the life history of a family in just one click thanks to clickable references and easily navigate from one family to another.
Show, discover, or rediscover fascinating information on genealogy in general and on the history of a village thanks to the preamble on the place but also to the notes, the mentions of religions, the titles of the people, their filiation, their links, their occupations…
Share this document to bring help to genealogists in the same area!


Heredis Online New Generation!

When using Heredis 2022, you can take full advantage of the new formidable version of Heredis Online! Discover this more powerful and more secure environment where to share your family tree online with other “ancestors hunters” but also with your close family and other relatives. Navigate through your tree using an adapted and more intuitive interface.
Its modern design highlights valuable information about your genealogy. Adjust the look of your online genealogy with the “Day” theme to improve visibility when it is sunny and bright, or feel free to give your eyes a break when necessary with the “Night” theme.
As the owner of your online genealogy, you will have access to all of your information. The “Visitor” mode allows you to check what visitors to your online genealogy will see and whether your settings have been configured correctly. Find online everything you love about Heredis!


Date Calculator

It can calculate a date of birth (if you enter the person’s age at a dated event), the date of an event (if you have an event where the age is mentioned) or it can calculate the age at an event.


Help and support

When purchasing our new version, you will enjoy 2 years of technical support via email – quite useful if you come across any issue or if you have how-to questions on your software.

Over 50 improvements and corrections

Always listening to our users and their comments, this new version of Heredis gives pride of place to improvements! Discover them below…

A Comparison Tree

To better comprehend a person’s family background, when looking for duplicates to be merged and to avoid mistakes, Heredis 2022 now displays small family charts for comparison purposes.
The comparison tree displays the parents, children, and spouses of the duplicates you consider merging (along with summaries) so you can double-check and make sure they are indeed duplicates to be merged.


Many new options have been integrated: we added the option of coloring by Ahnentafel numbers so as to locate the lineage directly in the graph, the possibility to hide Untraceable Parents when printing the wheel, the option of coloring persons with unspecified gender, 4 formats to display given names (Usual Given Name, All Given Names, 1st Given Name and Initials), and the possibility to display all dates in Gregorian format.


From now on, dates are systematically entered in Gregorian format (if you wish to enter or display in Julian format, for example, you’ll need to prefix it with the letter J).
Approximate dates are now displayed in reduced format in the list of events (for example: “<> 1950 & 1959” meaning “between 1950 and 1959”).

Intuitive data entry for place subdivisions

A double list appears when you enter a place subdivision. It allows you to see which are the subdivisions for the place you are interested in, along with those in the general file. Quite a useful feature if you have a large number of place subdivisions in your genealogy.

Places Index

The implementation of the multi-selection option in the Places Index will let you replace and/or delete whole sets of places (only if the places are unused). A true time saver!
The addition of Add/Delete buttons for the list of Place Subdivisions will allow you to create subdivisions for a place without the need to enter events.

Importing Indexes

Place subdivisions are imported when importing a Places index.


Summaries have been improved, including the summary of an event: Heredis will display the media, allowing you to directly access the media file on your computer.
Heredis can now display the summary of a person selected in the Photo Tool or in Sundry Links or even in the Source Citation…
And links are clickable in the summary of sources.

Photo Tool

You can now identify the original picture which was used to create captures within the Photo tool.
Heredis will display its name so you can locate it very easily in the Media index when typing in its name.

Specifics improvements...


  • HEIC: Heredis 2022 can handle the HEIC format for pictures.

System requirements

  • Windows 8.1, 10 and Windows 11
  • 500 MB disk space required
  • 4 GB of RAM
  • Screen 1366×768 minimum (11″)
  • Internet connection
  • Local administrator account
  • English and German version

Heredis works better with

  • Windows 10
  • 8 GB of RAM
  • SSD Hard disk
  • Word Processing & Spreadsheet: Microsoft Office 2016 minimum or LibreOffice current version
  • Mojave (10.14), Catalina (10.15), Big Sur (11), Monterey (12)
  • 4 GB of RAM
  • 500 MB disk space required
  • 64 bits only
  • Screen 1366×768 minimum (11″)
  • Internet connection
  • English and German version

Heredis works better with

  • 8 GB of RAM
  • SSD Hard disk
  • Word Processing & Spreadsheet: Microsoft Office 2019 minimum or LibreOffice current version

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