Heredis 2023

Find your ancestors, find yourself.

Show your geographical origins with the location wheels.

Visualize at a glance the cradle of your genealogy. The wheels highlight your ancestors’ and descendants’ origins thanks to the coloring by places: city, county, state/province, or even birth country.
To help you discover your origins, this new variant of the Ancestors and Descendants wheels can be quite an eye-opener: you will realize where your original roots are but also what gaps they may have in certain areas!

User testimony
“I am very happy to discover this new variant of the Ancestors Wheel by location which allows you – among other things – to visualize your “origins” directly…
Here you can see the eighths of my son: 4/8 Swiss, 3/8 Italian, and 1/8 German. And I discovered that the Grisons area is of major importance, which we were not aware of until we saw this graph. And I already see some incongruous gray spots that I need to correct ASAP.“

Yves, Heredis 2023 for Windows user, Switzerland.


Import GEDCOM 7 files

Gone are the days when you had to manually find photos in a GEDCOM file sent by your cousin. Now it’s all done automatically! Heredis 2023 now offers the possibility to read files in the GEDCOM 7 format, a new international standard recently launched by FamilySearch. This format, which allows you to exchange data with genealogists who use a software or website other than Heredis, now makes it possible to import media: images and other types of files such as Word, PDF, etc.
A valuable timesaver so you can be fully dedicated to your genealogical work!


Showcase your findings with the PDF reader

Easily flip through all the pages of your PDF documents with the built-in reader in Heredis.
Improve your PDF reading experience: whether for personal or professional use, PDF files are very useful and convenient and will no longer hold any secrets for you thanks to the reliable and efficient PDF reader!


Your media in HD, anywhere, anytime

Display your images in high definition from anywhere in the software! Your sources, for example, are always readable, everywhere in your Heredis software. Zoom in and out with one click or with the scroll wheel of your mouse!
Your genealogy in pictures with Heredis 2023, this is possible!


Your mobile genealogy – Here is the latest!

Heredis 2023 is launching a new generation of mobile applications. Whether used on its own or in combination with the Heredis software, the new Heredis application allows you to have your genealogy always at hand!

  • a new design with an integrated Day/Night mode,
  • the import of GEDCOM 7 files,
  • the option to enter additional search details on Events, making your mobile genealogy research even more efficient,
  • the option to enter Facts,
  • access to tech support.

Android enhancements

The Android app is on par with the iOS app, including the ability to import GEDCOM files, the addition of + buttons to add spouses and children in Immediate Family, and the possibility to enter a search status!

Buy Mobile Heredis 23

Launch price until October 23, 2022

USD $4.99

instead of USD $9.99

Launch price until October 23, 2022

Help and support

When purchasing our new version, you will enjoy 2 years of technical support via email – quite useful if you come across any issue or if you have how-to questions on your software.

Over 50 improvements and corrections

Always listening to our users and their comments, this new version of Heredis gives pride of place to improvements! Discover them below…

Windows & Mac enhancements

Data entry help

A contextual help in the quick data entry screen is now available to avoid mistakes: the summary of the source (i.e. media and note) or of the witness is displayed there!

Greatly improved summaries

Access all of the person’s media and sources in high definition with the carousel to scroll through the media and the navigation bar.
Lock down the content of the summary to navigate your tree while keeping useful summary information in view, thus benefiting your research!
If a person is marked as complete, the icon will show in the summary.
Search data is also displayed in the summary.

Highlighting complete persons

If a person is marked as complete, a specific icon will indicate he or she is in the Persons panel, in the Branches panel, and in the summary.

Search tracking

Discover a new scroll-down menu to change the scope of Search tracking (Primary person or Root person). Filters are easy to access. The search status of the event will directly appear in the table.
The export is more complete.

Merge even more data

The personal data box now displays its full content so you get a better idea of what is about to be merged. Shared events can also be managed in greater detail to allow for a higher-quality merger..

Families from my village

This Heredis version offers an easier-to-read document:
• highlighting the spouse’s parents
• in the places index, the location data is complete (state/province, country, zip code …)

An emphasize on sources!

The source media is now displayed in the event tab. Users can freeze this picture in the summary panel while typing data in the Details tab to enter a new event! You no longer need to open the picture using another software!
The addition of the call # in the source title is very useful.

Additional info in Immediate Family

Heredis will automatically display the age of the primary person and of his/her parents – providing they are alive – under Immediate Family!

Zoom in on the World

The list of persons in Zoom in on the World now lets you spot out direct-line ancestors thanks to their icon.


Sheets are even more complete with the option to include search data.

Support Tools

Check a genealogy
This feature can “repair” your genealogy if the file is damaged.
If you can’t open your genealogy file, if you keep getting an error message or even if you can no longer publish on Heredis Online, this tool will help you out in no time!
A technical FAQ is available directly from the software: get to understand the reason for an error message, an issue with your antivirus, etc. Within a couple of minutes, you’ll find the answer by yourself. Even more useful during vacations or weekends, you have a solution at hands right away!

Windows Improvements

Themes Improvements

Themes are visible: easily pick the one that suits you thanks to the preview ! A green check mark indicates which one you are using.

Photo Tool

Media visualization has been improved.

Opening a URL

The “globe” icon is accessible in the software wherever there is the possibility to enter a URL. Click on it to open a web page from Heredis.

System requirements

  • Windows 10 and 11
  • 500 MB disk space required
  • 4 GB of RAM
  • Screen 1366×768 minimum (11″)
  • Internet connection
  • Local administrator account
  • English and German version

Heredis works better with

  • Windows 10 and 11 – 8 Go of RAM – SSD Hard Disk
  • Word Processing & Spreadsheet: Microsoft Office 2016 minimum or LibreOffice current version
  • OS mobile Compatibility: iOS 13 to 16 – Android 9 to 13
  • Catalina (10.15) Big Sur (11) Monterey (12)
  • 500 MB disk space required
  • 4 GB of RAM
  • Screen 1366×768 minimum (11″)
  • Internet connection
  • 64 bits only
  • English and German version

Heredis works better with

  • 8 Go of RAM – SSD Hard disk
  • Word Processing & Spreadsheet: Microsoft Office 2016 minimum or LibreOffice current version
  • OS mobile Compatibility: iOS 13 to 16 – Android 9 to 13

Heredis 2022

21 September 2021
Comparison Tree & Merging Tool – Descendants Wheel – Families from my Village – New Heredis Online – More than 50 improvements! Read more

Heredis 2021

22 September 2020
Dynamic ancestors wheel – Dead ends – Declare a person as complete – Import indexes and dozens of improvements! Read more

Heredis 2020

12 December 2019
Zoom in on the World – Geolocating Place Subdivisions – Zoom in on a Place – Bordering Places- A new Family Tree Mapping – Midnight blue Theme – Custom Reports: Sources and Places – Many improvements! Read more

Heredis 2019

4 December 2018
Heredis launches its 2019 version, a version adapted to American genealogists. » Download the press release » Watch the video Read more

Heredis moves

24 April 2017
Heredis invests in 400m2 of renovated offices in the heart of the millennium district in Montpellier to welcome new employees and continue its international development. Read more


9 December 2015
BSD Concept launches Heredis for Android! Free and available on the Play Store, genealogists can now move everywhere with their family tree files on all their Android devices. » Read the press releases Read more


15 July 2014
BSD Concept has been taken over by its employees in the form of a SCOP. Read more

20 years

15 January 2014
Heredis celebrates 20 years of existence. Read more

App Store

24 January 2013
Heredis for Mac is on sale on the App Store. Read more

Blue suite apps

8 May 2012
Launch of Heredis Blue Suite for PC, Mac and iOS in France and internationally. Read more

Outside printing

21 January 2010
Heredis offers its users the possibility to print large format family trees directly from their software to an outside printing organisation. Read more

Planète Généalogie

17 January 2007
Launch of “Planète Généalogie”, destined for publications and other researches of genealogists. Read more

N°1 in France

15 February 2006
Heredis voted favorite genealogy software in France according to the GFK France Research Institute. Read more

German market

7 April 2004
Heredis reaches the German market with its version 7.2 for Windows. Read more


17 January 2001
First version of Heredis for Mac aimed at international markets. Read more

Complementary software

10 March 1998
Launch of complementary software for genealogy, notably “La France à la Loupe” and the “Livre de Famille”. Read more


22 January 1997
Diffusion of Heredis extended to retail distribution. Read more

Apple Expo

18 April 1996
Major success for Heredis at Apple Expo (best software, excluding games) Read more

For Windows

24 October 1995
Launch of Heredis for Windows. Read more

For Mac

22 June 1994
Creation of Heredis for Macintosh. Diffusion by press cuttings and meetings with genealogists throughout the French Regions. Read more