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A dashboard to drive your genealogy

Pilot your genealogical activities in real time and on a daily basis with a real on-board computer. At a glance, you know where you are in your genealogy: what you have already found and what you still have to do.

Progress of the researches
Found ancestors

A measure of performance

Watch your progress at a glance: genealogical and demographic statistics speak for you. Heredis publishes encrypted tables and a graphical representation of your genealogical data in the form of curves, histograms or sectors.

Widgets to know everything

Indicators to give you information about the persons in your file.


In no time, you know what you have recently added. Detailed information allows you to analyze your file in depth and measure the progress of your work.

Focus on what is important

Follow only the indicators you have chosen. Pay attention only to what’s important to you: drag and drop widgets in your workspace to monitor the progress of your genealogy, identify what you need to do, and achieve goals.


Smart search and serial processing

Use the Heredis 2017 Smart Search to scroll through your data using combined search criteria and find exactly what you’re looking for.

» Research example #1

Problem: You work on your English ancestors and try to establish their offspring.
Search: Choose the Birth or Baptism events that took place in England.
Then add a second criterion to indicate that the number of children of these persons must be greater than or equal to 1.
Treatment: Mark these persons or print the list to find all the information about your English cousins!
Easy isn’t it?

» Research example #2

Problem: you want to transmit your file but you do not want to export information about contemporaries.
Search: all persons presumed to be alive.
Treatment: Mark them “confidential” and export your file without including confidential persons.
So smart eh ?!


The Find / Replace function

Search for “St” and replace with “Saint”. Or list all persons living in Missouri in 1821, when the state was proclaimed as a slave state, and edit a note for each of these persons to specify the context of the moment. Simply practical.


You use a phone, a tablet. You will love Heredis 2017.

Heredis 2017 collaborates with your iOS or Android. Find your tree on your phone. Make changes on your tablet: find them on your computer. Simply enable File Sharing.

» Leave your fingerprint

The new books published by Heredis 2017 will appeal to your clan. Leave a mark of the past in their hands.

» Share your passion

New models are available: Patronymic Dictionary inspired by the famous genealogical dictionary of Quebec or the Clan model. They make great gifts.

» Enjoy Filiatus® technology

All inspired by Michel Demorest’s Filiatus® technology, the written books facilitate creation and creativity!

New Heredis User?

Heredis allows you to start easily when you first open the software. Everything is done to make you feel at ease. If you have already entered your tree using an online genealogy site or other software, do not worry, Heredis accepts the Gedcom format, universal format to read data from any other software.

Easy update.

Heredis updates are simple. You install your new Heredis. You open your file in the new version and you find everything you have already entered. There is virtually nothing to do. The installation of a new version of Heredis has no effect on your genealogical files that you can reopen automatically with the new version.


The major developments
– Dashboard
– File Info
– Statistics
– Search tracking
– Smart Search
– Serial Editing
– Search / Replace
– New Books Written
– File Sharing
– Enhancements

The version 2017 is also the previous version but better.

  • Sources image enhancement (last and last page navigation buttons)
  • Improvement summary: completion chip
  • Improvement of family nucleus: addition of beds for children
  • Improved Online Archive: zoom
  • Enhanced interface
  • New theme: electric
  • File Enhancements
  • Improvements to the books: addition of cause / precision of the events, addition of the volumes for the dicos, improvement of the drafting: no longer mentions the events without any information like ” was born on an unknown date”, suppression of the heading ” His other events / info are “if there is only one line,” the following December 18 “when we do not change the year between two events that follow each other (we already put” in the same location ” ), Adding the notes in the body of the text.
  • Improved font notes
  • Improved family kernel and extended family: displaying the county name
  • Improvement – Entry by act:
    • Signatures: check box replaced by drop-down menu. Added the possibility of indicating “sign maybe”
    • Viewing the role of cookies in the signature screen
    • Summary-Signatures: put the role of the witness before their name.
    • Domain events created have the status “Do not search”.
    • Option to assign the source only to the events of the protagonists (child, spouse, deceased).
    • Birth: possibility to indicate that the father is the declarant directly in the entry grid of the father.
    • Marriage: possibility to indicate that a spouse is widowed at the time of the marriage, and to enter the main information for the deceased spouse.
    • Wedding: addition of a third declaration
    • If no source is created, the media is assigned to the event.
  • Improved Gedcom (import source, media, use of customary name …)
  • Addition of occupations of spouses in lineage trees.


Heredis 2017 for Windows 

  • Windows VISTA or 7 or 8 or 10
  • 500 MB disk space required
  • Screen 1024×700 minimum.
  • Internet connection for research, publishing, integrated maps & Dashboard

Heredis 2017 for Mac 

  • Mavericks (10.9), Yosemite (10.10), El Capitan (10.11), Sierra (10.12)
  • 300 MB disk space required
  • Screen 1366×768 minimum
  • 64 bits only
  • Internet connection for research, publishing, integrated maps & Dashboard

Heredis 2017

31 January 2017

The major developments:

  • Dashboard
  • File Info
  • Statistics
  • Search tracking
  • Smart Search
  • Serial Editing
  • Search / Replace
  • New Books Written
  • File Sharing
  • Enhancements

Heredis 2015

15 June 2015
Online Archives: Capture Tool – Direct Input in Software Tool Photos: Photo album – Photo retouching – Face capture tool and signed signatures Group photos with captions: online albums on Heredis Online + group photo printing Entering Shared Events Geographical distribution: International maps Watch the New Features video

Heredis 2014

16 October 2013
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