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Heredis 2022 New Features
Heredis Online - Publishing your genealogy
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Before downloading a patch, make sure your software is up to date because verification is done automatically as soon as your Internet connection is active. The patches are installed without your intervention.

If your version requires a patch, select your version of Heredis and download the hotfix patch that applies:

APPLICATIONS Links for patches
Heredis 2022 for Windows https://telechargement1.heredis.com/HeredisPC/InstallHeredisWorld2022.exe
Heredis 2022 for Mac https://telechargement1.heredis.com/HeredisMac/InstallHeredisWorld2022.dmg
Heredis 2021 for Windows https://telechargement1.heredis.com/HeredisPC/InstallHeredisWorld2021.exe
Heredis 2021 for Mac https://telechargement1.heredis.com/HeredisMac/InstallHeredisWorld2021.dmg
Heredis 2020 for Windows https://telechargement1.heredis.com/HeredisPC/InstallHeredisWorld2020.exe
Heredis 2020 for Mac https://telechargement1.heredis.com/HeredisMac/InstallHeredisWorld2020.dmg
Heredis 2019 for Windows https://telechargement1.heredis.com/HeredisPC/InstallHeredisWorld2019.exe
Heredis 2019 for Mac https://telechargement1.heredis.com/HeredisMac/InstallHeredisWorld2019.dmg
Heredis 2018 for Windows https://telechargement1.heredis.com/HeredisPC/InstallHeredisWorld2018.exe
Heredis 2018 for Mac https://telechargement1.heredis.com/HeredisMac/InstallHeredisWorld2018.dmg
Heredis 2017 for Windows https://telechargement1.heredis.com/HeredisPC/InstallHeredisWorld2017.exe
Heredis 2017 for Mac https://telechargement1.heredis.com/HeredisMac/InstallHeredisWorld2017.dmg
Heredis 2015 for Windows https://telechargement1.heredis.com/HeredisPC/InstallENHeredis2015.exe
Heredis 2015 for Mac https://telechargement1.heredis.com/HeredisMac/InstallHeredisWorld.dmg
Heredis 2014 for Windows http://telechargement1.heredis.com/HeredisPC/InstallENHeredis2014.exe
Heredis 2014 for Mac http://telechargement1.heredis.com/HeredisMac/InstallHeredis2014.dmg
Heredis for PC (2012-2013) http://telechargement1.heredis.com/HeredisPC/InstallHeredisBleu.exe
Heredis for Mac (2012-2013) http://telechargement1.heredis.com/HeredisMac/InstallHeredis.dmg
Heredis for Mac (2012) http://telechargement1.heredis.com/HeredisMac/InstallHeredis2.2.0.dmg
Heredis for Android http://telechargement1.heredis.com/Android/app-heredis55.apk

Download sample family file

Explore all the functions of Heredis with the Rucastle family file. Download this file and test your app with pleasure!


FAQ – A question concerning your order

How to order Heredis?

You may order online from the Heredis website thanks to shop.heredis.com. To contact the Heredis team, please use the contact form on https://www.heredis.com/en/contact-customer-service/

Our team will send you a confirmatory email that will contain the site page from where you may download Heredis.


Configuration required, Heredis 2019 for Windows:

  • Unlimited data entry, unlimited use for an unlimited time
  • Immediate download upon payment confirmation
  • Valid for one user with unlimited installations on 3 Windows computers maximum
  • Windows 7 to Windows 10
  • 500 MB disk space required
  • Screen 1024×700 minimum
  • Internet connection for research, publishing, integrated maps and Dashboard
  • Local administrator account
  • English version (only)

Heredis works better with

  • Windows 10
  • 8 GB of RAM
  • SSD Hard disk
Configuration required, Heredis 2019 for Mac:

  • Unlimited data entry, unlimited use for an unlimited time
  • Immediate download upon payment confirmation
  • Valid for one user with unlimited installations on 3 Mac computers maximum
  • El Capitan (10.11), Sierra (10.12), High Sierra (10.13), Mojave (10.14)
  • 500 MB disk space required
  • Screen 1366×768 minimum
  • Internet connection for research, publishing, integrated maps and Dashboard
  • English version (only)

Heredis works better with

  • 8 GB of RAM
  • SSD Hard disk
Configuration required, Heredis for IOS:

  • Minimum version 7.

Configuration required, Heredis for Android:

  • Minimum version 5


The data you have started to enter in the demonstration version have been saved to a file in Heredis format, which you may of course recover with the full version of the software.
How? You have given a name to this file when you entered the data. If this name does not appear on the home page, you may find it on the hard disk by using the “Search on the disk” function.

You may recover data entered in another genealogy software by first exporting your file from this software to a Gedcom format. This Gedcom file may then be opened and converted automatically to the Heredis format on the Heredis home page.

Your license

At the opening of Heredis and after you have entered your personal license number, remember to fill in the registration form in the Heredis software. This will grant you access to our software help service and to our various commercial offers.

By accepting this EULA, you receive a limited license, personal, worldwide and free of copyright, nonassignable, not resaleable, non-transferable and non-exclusive, for the use of this software. You are authorized to use one (1) copy of this software for personal, non-commercial ends as a private user. One license only is granted for each unique home address (“address”). You are authorized to download and install the software on one computer only. Users who have several computers (e.g. one independent computer, a laptop and a netbook), may download the software on a maximum of three (3) units at the same address. If you buy several licenses for this software, you may at any time, make as many copies as you own licenses.


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