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We are proud to announce the new features of HEREDIS 2017 for Windows & Mac, the best known family tree program in Europe.

What’s up ?

  • Easier data entry
  • Draw a wide variety of trees
  • Create free websites
  • Smart Search, filters & serial processing
  • Sync & file sharing
  • Dashboard & statistics
  • Free iOS and Android Apps

Main features

  • Create and edit an unlimited number of family trees
  • User-definable and predefined date types, event, fact and labels
  • Highly customizable user-interface: toolbars,  search panels, themes
  • Ask and find with Smart Search: multicriteria filters that you can save
  • Launch beautiful slideshows & automated family books
  • Funny magic photo tools & capture
  • Publish a wide variety of tree view & free website
  • Synchronise, share & collaborate

Sync & collaborate

> Synchronize family trees between WINDOWS, MAC, iOS and Android Apps
> Share or not your family tree with other users


> Search on about 15 websites such as Ancestry, FamilySearch, MyHeritage…
> Integrated search online archives
> Smart search functions on yours trees

Charts, reports & statistics

> Ancestors tree chart, descendants tree chart, hourglass tree chart
> Ancestors reports, descendants reports, persons reports, families reports, events
> Dashboard to track your genealogy activities

GEDCOM Support

> Powerfull import/export Gedcom files with all types of medias: pictures, movies, audio files, PDFs, URLs and notes
> Option to export only a branche
> Option to hide private information

Support & learning center

> Community forum
> HowTo videos

Edit & manage

> Edit persons: Add, Delete, Cut, Copy, Paste, Merge, Select all
> Manage families, places, notes, occupations, sources and medias


> Draw a wide variety of tree view
> Maps, Migration maps, Gallery
> List of events, persons, families, relations


> Print or create PDF files any of the numerous lists, charts and reports
> Launch beautiful slideshows
> Build automated books Filiatus
> Create and export free websites with all your data

Database tools

> Search & replace
> Find duplicates & relationships
> Check consistency
> Merge persons