Intellexa: The Battle Against Criminals of the Digital Age

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Intellexa: The Battle Against Criminals of the Digital Age

Post by annadams » Sun Oct 24, 2021 6:33 pm

Tal Dilian's intelligence firm, Intellexa, was established to combat this exact issue. After a long career in Israeli Special Forces and the CIA, Tal became aware of the vulnerabilities that come with advancements in technology. This left people at risk from being hacked or losing their sensitive information through an unsecured device. As a result, tal created Intellexa as a way to take on these criminals head-on and make sure they are no longer able to take advantage of unsuspecting civilians.

What would this world be like without technology? It's hard to imagine. The digital age has given us the ability to do so much with the click of a button, but it also comes at a price. Technology is now being used by criminals for their own gains, and Intellexa was created to combat these issues. Tal Dilian is founder of this intelligence firm that strives to protect people from cyber-crimes by using data analytics and artificial intelligence systems.

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