Manual sort order for media ?

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Manual sort order for media ?

Post by victorthiago » Sat Apr 04, 2020 8:58 am

I want to arrange the media for any primary person not by name or date of media but by dragging and dropping. The manual suggests this is possible:
2. Arrange the media.
• Click the Sort (indented wheel icon) and select Sort by date or
Sort by name.
• Drag the media with the mouse to position in the desired display
order. A blue line indicates where the media will be dropped.
However, when I move any image, the blue line appears, but the image does not move. The wheel at the bottom of the panel gives options only for sort by name or sort by date; there is no option sort manually. Yet the (inoperative) blue line appears. How do I get my images in the order that I want?


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