Can nursing graduates study medicine?

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Can nursing graduates study medicine?

Post by kaiwaters » Tue Mar 02, 2021 12:28 pm

Yes, they can. Students who have bachelor’s in nursing and paramedic sciences (and are also licensed paramedics) can easily study medicine. Since their qualification is related to healthcare, this helps them understand more easily than the average medical student. Even a top-notch Caribbean medical university school in St Kitts & Nevis agrees with this.

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Re: Can nursing graduates study medicine?

Post by whatsis » Fri Apr 02, 2021 11:50 am

I completely resolved my question when I read this post, thanks to the author for the very detailed description. I wrote my review on the, you can go in and read. Thank you very much for your attention in your time.

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Re: Can nursing graduates study medicine?

Post by elmadavis » Mon Apr 19, 2021 9:08 am

Yes, both fields are somehow relatable. You can certainly study medicine after a nursing degree. Being one of the nursing cv writers uk, I have met several candidates who have switched their profession to medical. But, it is a difficult transition to switch from nursing to medicine, though it can be done.

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