Terrarium TV Apk for Android

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Terrarium TV Apk for Android

Post by rockerken » Tue May 04, 2021 9:07 am

Description of Terrarium TV
This app is a real award to all fans of cinema and television , since it will allow them to watch online or download all the movies and TV series that they want from their mobile device.
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Download this app on your Android mobile devices (tablet or Smartphone) and enjoy the best entertainment . No matter where you are: on the road, at your workplace, at school, take advantage of any free moment you have and play the best chapters of your favorite series.

You no longer have to pay a subscription to Netflix or HBO to watch your movies, with Terrarium TV you can do it completely free.

Variety of content for all tastes
Once you install the app, on its main screen you can see the covers of the most popular movies and series that are currently trending.

However, you will find at the top, a side menu that will show you various sections: " TV Shows " in this all available television programs and series are organized by category. For example: Flash, Vikings, Grey's Anatomy, Criminal minds, Arrow, The Big Bang Theory , among others.

You will also see the " Trend " section where you will find the most popular series and movies on television at the moment. " New Shows ", in this section you can view all the new shows that are being added to the app.

You can also enjoy all the premieres of the big screen in Hollywood in the " Premieres " section. To play the movie or series, you just have to select it.

After that moment, the app will show you another screen with all the detailed information about the film: year of release, duration, cast or protagonists, the synopsis or summary of the film and the trailer .

At the bottom it shows you a play button , you just have to touch it and that's it! It will start to play in streaming or on the contrary, you can choose " Download " to watch it later.

You can choose the playback quality: HD or full HD , but you must take into account the capacity of the internet connection you are using.

With this tool you can enjoy different genres: action, comedy, horror, suspense, adventure, children, drama, science fiction and of course, the latest to be released on the big screen.

Interesting features of Terrarium TV
It gives you the ability to listen to movies and series in their original language or use subtitles if you are watching in another language.
It has a very simple, pleasant and intuitive user interface , making it easy for people of any age to use.
It allows you to browse its entire catalog of content, or use the app's built- in search engine to search for a specific title.
It is translated into several languages , including Spanish, in addition to the option to use subtitles if you wish.
Compatible with Google Chromecast.
Now with Terrarium TV you will have full free entertainment whenever you want it, enjoy excellent playback quality and an easy-to-use interface.

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