Has this bug been fixed in Heredis 2020?

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Has this bug been fixed in Heredis 2020?

Post by dcrouch » Wed Jan 01, 2020 7:10 pm

When using the "Export GEDCOM with Media" feature combined with an older version of IOS Heredis app and Heredis 2017, media is copied to a single folder without regard of its file name. This was a problem with the older IOS Heredis app as photos were automatically named with a phone name and a date stamp, so when multiple photos were added to the app on the same day and exported to PC using "Export GEDCOM with Media", photos would be overwritten and lost.

This was partially corrected in a later release of the app by automatically naming photos with a phone name and a date-time stamp.

However, this only fixed photos added after the IOS app update and did not correct any photos added with the earlier version of the app, so those older photos are still overwritten in Heredis 2017 when using "Export GEDCOM with Media".

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