Changing the fonts/ color & format

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Changing the fonts/ color & format

Post by bigmike51 » Fri Mar 20, 2015 2:21 am

  • How does one change the fonts for an entire report.I wish to use New Time Roman 10pt.
    How can I TURN OFF the "Sign Perhaps Yes-No" message to never print?
    How may I print in gray scale / black and white.
    How may I insert either columns or tables in the Details Section so that it will print Columns or Tables?
How are others using the "No Search" / "Search" button?
I'm using it as "No more searching required" reminder. I do not know how to access a file that tells me which sources / persons require more research. What am I doing wrong?
Next: I printed a detailed biography sheet for a person, when it printed the three page report, the pagination indicated there were 5 pages when the total count was 3 pages.
The sheets were numbered:
  • Page 1 / 5
    Page 3 / 5
    Page 5 / 5

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