considering buying Heredis

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considering buying Heredis

Post by christinebsd » Mon Jul 01, 2013 10:25 am

trocoa wrote:Hi Midael,
i downloaded the demo & wish to take it for a spin on my Mac Book Pro 10.7.5 Lion.
if i buy your program & i decide to buy a membership at , can the trees i construct with heredis be uploaded to a tree on their site? how is that performed?
conversely, would i be able to import a tree on their site into a family tree i've constructed with heredis? how is that performed?
how does heredis perform with
i really appreciate your help with this! these are important considerations for me in deciding on your program.
best regards,
Hi Tricia,
You can allways exchange data between Heredis and other softwares by exporting (and importing) to Gedcom Format.

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