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Posted: Tue Nov 13, 2018 9:26 am
by caudrey
Hi everyone,

We have realized that some Heredis users were not fully satisfied with the means available to them to get in touch with the Heredis Team.

As a matter of fact, on the Heredis Forum, despite our good will and best intentions, we are unable to answer absolutely all of your messages. Additionally, we are managing several channels of communication: emails, contact forms, our Facebook page, our Twitter account, forums... all of this in various languages. It is therefore extremely challenging for our Team to get back to everyone and to properly follow up on the information thus delivered.

Hence, we have deemed it necessary to set up a new process to ensure that all of your messages are read and given a proper response to. We have been spending a lot of time working on this issue hoping to improve the communication between you and our Team. And for a little over a month now, we have been testing a new process!

Indeed, the Forum has become a Self-Help Community where the Heredis Team no longer needs to devote a lot of reading time: the Heredis Team won’t be answering back systematically; instead, only essential messages will be posted.

We are thus leaving the Forum in good hands: those of our knowledgeable facilitators. They are experienced volunteers able to help you out in a prompt manner, usually aware of recent software improvements and of all the bugs users experience on the various versions of the Heredis software. Our facilitators are seasoned users of Heredis and will be able to sort out your issues 80% of the time. Moreover, some of them are available on weekends, which turns out to be very useful while the Heredis Client Service is closed.

Yet the Heredis Forum remains a gold mine for all of our users, especially for the “younger” ones who are more familiar with community tools. The Forum content is quite thorough and will particularly prove itself useful if you are looking for answers to our most frequent questions.

To those of you who prefer to contact the Heredis Team directly, you can do so very easily from now on by using the Contact Heredis page.

New tools allow us to centralize all of your questions (whether technical, sales or genealogy related) in order to improve our responsiveness and our follow-up level.

The Client Service is changing and is accessible to all users stuck with any kind question, be it technical or sales related. Four Team members are now available to get back to YOU in writing via email: Charlotte, Daniel, Helen, and Sandra.

Thanks to this new process, we hope to be able to meet your expectations and will do our very best to answer all of your questions.

The Heredis Team.