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Techinical question about GEDCOM file format

Posted: Fri Oct 09, 2020 1:31 pm
by bearbles2
I was able to download all of the records for one of my ancestors church parish for over 200 years. The file has over 15000 records of birth, marriage and death. I would like to put it into a Tree to assist future researchers and myself.

Is there a way I can format my spreadsheet and essentially turn it into a .GED file so I can import them easier? I don't know if .GED is tab delimited or some other format, but it would be easier than hand typing 15k individuals names. I'm not looking to link the families, etc I can do that after. I just want to import First name, Last name, Birth Date, Baptism Date, Death Date, Burial Date and Marriage Date.usps tracking showbox speed test