Capitalization of place names in the new

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Capitalization of place names in the new

Post by wwcatman » Fri Dec 07, 2018 7:42 pm

I have upgraded to the Heredis 2019 and I like a lot the new location tree feature.

I have a question about it, though. It shows the place names with the wrong capitalization for particles. For example, it shows names like this:

Laguna De Cameros
Frankfurt Am Main

They should be like this:
Laguna de Cameros
Frankfurt am Main

The names are displayed correctly everywhere else in Heredis, so it seems to be a bug in the Location Tree.

Is there any way to control this behaviour? I could not find any setting.


PS. This issue only happens in the English version of Heredis 2019 but not in the French version. I think that the default settings are different. This can be fixed editing the .prefsLibWorld.sqlite file (located under My Documents\BSD Concept\Heredis).

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