2019 export problems

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2019 export problems

Post by blinda » Sat Feb 23, 2019 4:11 am

Hi folks

I am trying to export only the ancestors of the root person to a gedcom file.

When I select Ancestors in the Branches to be Exported drop-down list, no people are exported! It is the same if I try a gedcom export. The only time I can export anything is if I select All People in the drop down box.

Do I have to specify somehow that It is all ancestors of the root person that I want? The software guide appears to suggest that it automatically assumes the root person is the focus of the export. But maybe I've got that wrong and I'm missing a step.

Help please! I'm starting to get really frustrated as I want to send a truncated family tree in gedcom format to link to my DNA test kit.

many thanks in advance, Linda

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