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French dialogs for English version of Heredis 2019 for Mac

Posted: Tue Sep 03, 2019 1:22 am
by dkaffine
I just submitted this to customer service as well, but was curious if it was happening for anyone else.

I have upgraded to Heredis 2019 for Mac, purchased via App Store. It reports version 19.3.0, and no further updates appear in the App Store.

I am using the English version, and for the most part everything seems fine. However, certain dialog boxes appear in French rather than English.

In particular, if I start a new tree, in the Family/Immediate Family view, create the first person, add a child, and then add a spouse, after I've entered the spouse information, I get a popup that says:
"NOBODY Jane est-elle la mère de SMITH John ?"
rather than
"Is NOBODY Jane the mother of SMITH John?"

It's not a big deal - the French is easy enough to understand, but something that should get patched - or maybe at least change the choices for the dialog box to be Oui/Non to match instead of Yes/No :)