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Share on local network from Mac to Windows laptop not doing anything

Posted: Thu Aug 20, 2020 8:47 am
by zmarcel
This week I bought and installed Heredis 2020 on my Mac desktop and my Windows laptop. I have built a family tree on my Mac that I now want to share with my laptop. First my laptop appeared in the list "greyed out", but turning off the firewall on my laptop for a period solved that problem. So now I can select my laptop in the list and press "share", I get a question on my laptop if I agree to share the file from my Mac, but when I press "agree", nothing happens (no messages, so also no Bonjour messages. Still checked that, but Bonjour services is running on my laptop and in a recent version (3.0)).
Tried several times, including restarting Heredis on my laptop and restarting the laptop, but still nothing happens and nothing is transferred. What can be the cause of this problem and what should I do to solve it?