Computer Science Degree Online Programs

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Computer Science Degree Online Programs

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Guide to Finding a Top Online Degree in Computer Science
Several quality Computer Science degree online programs are available for both undergraduate and graduate students. I write my paper about some of the top programs.
Many students interested in pursuing a Computer Science degree simply don't have the time or logistical ability to attend a campus-based program. Fortunately, a number of quality universities in the United States offer online degree options.

This article will review some of the best schools at which both undergraduate and graduate students can earn an online degree in Computer Science.

American Sentinel University – Computer Science Degree Online
American Sentinel University offers both a Bachelor's and Master's online degree program.

The Bachelor's degree program provides a focus on software development, and utilizes C++ as the primary language. While courses are eight weeks in length, new classes open up on a monthly basis, providing the option to build alternating schedules. Bachelor students are required to maintain a schedule of at least 15 credit hours every year, and must complete 120 credit hours to graduate.

In the Master's degree program, students are required to take a minimum of 12 credit hours every year, and must complete a research-based Capstone Project as the culmination of their studies. Students must complete 36 total credit hours to graduate.

For both programs, courses are available on an asynchronous schedule, meaning students are able to attend archived classes and learn whenever it is most convenient for them. While there are no set class times, nor any set times at which students must meet in groups, there are still opportunities for personal interactions with instructors and students via dynamic discussion boards and personal online meetings.

In addition, American Sentinel University provides unlimited access to student support services, which include academic advising, electronic resources, technical assistance, and financial assistance.

Tuition for the program is $295 per credit for undergraduate courses, and $355 per credit for graduate courses. Also, you can hire a tutor to "write my paper for me cheap".

University of Maryland University College (UMUC) – Computer Science Degree Online
UMUC, one of 11 schools in the University System of Maryland, offers a Bachelor's degree in Computer and Information Science. Students are required to complete 120 hours to finish the degree, and must complete a structured schedule of course offerings.

UMUC's distance education courses are fully asynchronous, meaning students are able to log in and learn whenever they choose. Below are some of the elements students will find on UMUC's online learning platform:
  • Lectures and electronic readings
    Individual and group assignments
    Access to library and online research resources
    Discussion threads with a high level of instructor and student participation
Tuition rates vary for Maryland and non-Maryland residents. For more information, contact the school at 800-888-UMUC (8682).

Regis University – Computer Science Degree Online
Regis University's BS in Computer Science online degree is designed specifically for professional or working students. While 128 credits are required to complete the degree, Regis University provides accelerated course lengths; students may choose courses that are either five weeks in length or eight weeks in length.

The online courses are asynchronous, meaning students are able to attend class whenever they wish. However, while there is a maximum amount of flexibility regarding self-study, students must adhere to a strict weekly assignment schedule.

The online platform provides students with electronic readings, assignments, access to library and research resources, and access to instructor and student interactions via discussion boards and dialogue threads.

It's important to note that students are required to have three years of applicable full time employment experience before applying to the program.

Tuition for the online degree in Computer Science is $460 per credit hour. For more information, students should contact the university's dissertation writing help.

State University Systems – Computer Science Degree Online
State university systems are increasingly developing distance learning programs to meet the needs of working and professional students. (An example is the University of Texas System's online TeleCampus). Prospective students who live in states with connected university systems are encouraged to contact their state's Department of Education or office of higher education and find out which (if any) state universities have online learning options available.

Benefits of Online Learning
Distance learning programs provide nontraditional and working students with the opportunity to maintain professional careers while earning a degree. Online programs are more flexible than campus-based programs, and are often much less expensive. A number of quality programs exist, and students should compare the available programs and determine which one is the best educational fit.

For more information, students should reference OEDb's guide to programs, from which much of the information for this article was gleaned.

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