Page 1 of 1 : How do I connect my TP Link extender?

Posted: Fri Apr 16, 2021 11:25 am
by susanella138
LEDs of an extender determine the user about the networking activity and status of your device. There are three types of LED in an Extender i.e Power LED, WPS LED, and 2.4/5GHz LED. The LED lights of a Tp-link extender can also be controlled by a user through the web interface of the window. Users facing issues through the lightning of the LED of the extender can control the LED lights through the Night Mode feature of a LED control tab. You can specify the period in the LED off-Time page for which you want to keep the LEDs off of your device. You need to click the Save tab after specifying all the details to finish the configuration of the LED control process. ... 00-router/ ... der-setup/