Cannot Transfer Data from Windows 10 to iPad

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Cannot Transfer Data from Windows 10 to iPad

Post by rmandy » Sun Jan 06, 2019 1:55 pm

Hi there,
I have Windows 10 Pro ( No antivirus, Windows Defender is used as a rule, windows firewall also used)
64 Bit
Version 1803
Asus Laptop
Heredis 2018
version 18.4 installed abt April 2018.

128 GB with 93.06 GB free
version 12.1.1
Heredis App
version 11567-5414 installed about October 2018, iPad bought September 2018.

I have wifi in the home, fastest speed with unlimited download.
I open windows version of Heredis and open my Family tree Data named with my name. I then open the iPad and open the app installed there.On the home screen.
On the windows Heredis, I tap open file ---> share on local network and the little pop-up box is on screen. It also shows my iPad is picked up in devices. I tap that name then click share. Popup box appears on screen on iPad - request for file sharing - I tap accept. Then box now says ' A transfer error occurred'. Only other word is OK in blue text so I click ok. Then obviously nothing else has happened.
I have done this with both defender and firewall turned on and also both turned off. Rebooted both devices. And still nothing has transferred.
I have searched through settings on both devices but just cannot see anything that ought to be changed in my opinion. Although who knows, maybe I am wrong.
Anyone have any ideas?
Do I need to upgrade Heredis on my Windows?
I do not think there is any updating to do on either device.
And I really want to stay with Heredis and have both devices in sync.
Thanks for any help
Mandy :)

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