tablet only & cloud service back-up

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tablet only & cloud service back-up

Post by lmcoffey » Sun Feb 16, 2014 8:28 pm

With technology changing and more & more people going to tablet only (at least for their personal computing needs), I would love to see an option from Heredis for having cloud-backed up account & allowing people to not have to sync a tablet to personal computer for family history data.

I want to ditch my personal laptop, I don't use it anymore. The one item that keeps me hesitating (for a year or so now) is my family history data that is on my computer (& backed up to hard drive).

I would love to see a new feature of Heredis have cloud support & let people pay for certain tiers of data allowance. Or a way to back up the data to other cloud services that people use now anyway, like Dropbox.

It seems that cloud support is the current feature of software & it would be great if Heredis would help its customers move in that direction too for those of us who use iOS (or any other tablet) as their computing preference.

Thanks for listening.

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