GEDCOM import and other instructions

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GEDCOM import and other instructions

Post by dmossfritch » Fri Feb 10, 2017 9:49 pm

While I found the technical data sheet - "Improvement of the Gedcom import function" ( ... er/#sheets, select "Technical Data Sheets for other software Users (Import GEDCOM)) last weekend, I did not have an opportunity to read through the document until Wednesday. The document contains excellent information, particularly the sentence -

"If your unknown data are linked to sources, notes or media, you should choose Event as data
type in the import setup window, this way Heredis will keep all the associated links." (emphasis is mine)

After reading this important document, I wondered why there is no link to this document from the software download pages (trial and buy)? The document contains information needed by anyone importing a GEDCOM file into Heredis.

However, might I ask for a short addition to this document? Heredis is one of three genealogy software I've encountered that moves a copy of media identified in an imported GEDCOM to a folder within a project. During the final step of a GEDCOM import to Heredis, the user are asked to identify the project folder containing the media. That step should be explained in this GEDCOM import document to better assist new users.

When I checked the Technical Data Sheets listings (for both PC and Mac) I found several new data sheets, notably:
* How works the Dashboard?
* How to manage images extracted from notes?

I immediately wondered why these two documents were not reference in the web pages describing Heredis 2017 and in the forum?

While I do not have time to read these two technical data sheets today, I've already added both to my OneDrive folder for genealogy books and will be downloading a copy to an electronic reader within the next couple of days.
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Re: GEDCOM import and other instructions

Post by bradleyindc » Mon Dec 16, 2019 6:50 pm

The link doesn't work anymore. Is there a current one or better place to help with GEDCOM imports (from Reunion if that helps)

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