Ability to switch between languages and add languages

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Ability to switch between languages and add languages

Post by reesjel » Fri Aug 24, 2018 6:35 am

I would like to see Heredis have the abiility to add new languages and switch between them.

I was checking out Family Tree Builder (MyHeritage genealogy software) and they have the option to add a secondary language. Which means I can fill in the details of a person in two languages, which will result in better reports and nicer overviews for the end users.

I currently write in two languages in Heredis (Dutch and English), because the family is all around the world. Dutch is the primary language, but I use English as the secondary language so the whole family can understand the information. As a result I have a lot of text in notes due to writing down everything in two languages. If there was an option to add the secondary language information in another fields, like they have in Family Tree Builder, that would help a lot. It would also create better reports, based on the language. I can choose to create a report in the primary or secondary language. Instead of having reports that includes both languages in one.

So instead of having multiple Heredis applications in multiple languages, like it is now (separate English version and separate French version) I propose to have 1 Heredis application that has the ability to switch between languages, so you can choose which languages you want to use. And which has the ability to fill in information for multiple languages.

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Re: Ability to switch between languages and add languages

Post by guid » Fri Sep 07, 2018 11:36 am

Hi, reesjel,

I think that is a brilliant idea, but as I have read for years on the various forums this will not soon appear.
We have already asked for it in Dutch.
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