Particle management in English version

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Particle management in English version

Post by dgarciamagarinos » Fri Nov 30, 2018 10:56 am

Dear all,

would it be possible to add the "Particle Management" feature from the French PRO version Heredis to the International Edition of Heredis 2019?

The international version includes some PRO feature but not others and "Particle management" is not included.

Heredis defines some particles ("de, van, d', von, of") as words which should be caplitalised and which should not be taking into account for the sorting of surnames.

In the French version, these particles can only be customised in the Pro version but not in the Standard version.

The default particles are the particles needed by French speaking users living in France, Canada, Belgium or near the border with Germany but these default particles are not really that useful for an international market. They don't cater for Irish, Spanish or Scottish surnames, for example.

In the English version of Heredis, the users have live with the particles geared for the French market without being able to customise them.

What I mean to say is: customising the particles is probably a "PRO" feature in the French market because most users will be OK with the French settings. However, for the international market, the English version should allow the users to have their own particles rather than having only the French settings.



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