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The Catalans concentrate 18% of the demandsfor second homes, this is clear from the report Radiography of the housing
market 2018-2019 prepared by Fotocasa.
 Despite the high sales prices achieved in theregion, Catalans occupy second place in the Fotocasa ranking of autonomous
communities that demand the most second homes. At the head would be Madrid,
with 27%, and in third place Andalusia with 10% of the demand.
The high sales prices achieved in thecommunity, led by the city of Barcelona, ​​do not seem to influence Catalans
when it comes to investing in a second home. According to the latest report on
the price of housing carried out by Vivendex, the price of housing in Barcelona
stood at 3,333 euros in the second quarter of 2019 (Tinsa data).
* To check the evolution of housing pricesin Barcelona and their differences between districts, you can download the
complete Vivendex real estate report :
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Interestin investing in a second home falls
The study carried out by Fotocasa alsoreveals a loss of general interest in investing in a second home. In this way,
if in 2018 12% of home purchases corresponded to second homes, in 2019 this
figure has dropped to 10% .
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By autonomous communities, where thepredilection for the second residence falls the most is in Andalusia and the
Valencian Community. On the opposite side, the Basque Country would be the
region where this type of investment has grown the most , going from 2% in 2018
to 6% in 2019.
demand for homes as a second residence
Fotocasa Graphic
Whatdestination do they give to the second residence?
The report also notes how the use of homeschanges based on the number of possessions.
Homeownerswith a single home
They represent 78% of the currentpopulation. 96% of citizens who only own a property, use it as a habitual
residence. 2% have their home rented and only 1% keep it empty.
Ownerswith two houses
18% of Spaniards own two homes. Of this18%, 98% use one of these two houses as their habitual residence, 57% use one
of them as a second residence and only 10% keep one empty.
Homeownerswith three or more homes
Only 4% of the population owns three ormore homes. Of these, 98% use one of these homes as their main residence and
71% rent one of them.
Secondhome buyer profile
The profile of the most common second-homebuyer is mainly made up of men (65%), with an average age of 47 years and
upper-middle social class. 52% of them claim to be a home with a partner and
children and 83% already have a home as their first residence.
* Remember that to deepen on the price ofhousing in Barcelona and the evolution of housing in this region, you can
download the Vivendex real estate report:
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