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Share your family tree online

Using Heredis 

You can safely publish your family tree online and share your work with your friends and family. We believe that online trees belong to you: you may delete your online tree any time you want. Your data does not belong to us. Thanks to you, other genealogy enthusiasts can also discover missing pieces of information.

Using a Gedcom file

Export a Gedcom file from any genealogy software or website you use to work on your genealogy. 

Then, download the free demo version of Heredis for Windows or Heredis for Mac and import your Gedcom file. This way, you can share it for free on Heredis Online (check out our online help and learn everything about the Gedcom standard)

Looking for your ancestors

Search for your ancestors among the 600 million records shared by Heredis Online users. Each new piece of data published by a genealogist can help you find missing elements in your family tree (and read our online help about it).