Update Heredis

Better performance, new features!

Whatever your version of Heredis, updating is easy!

You get security patches, better performance and especially additional features. Heredis, of course, has the same philosophy: the Immediate family, input tools, navigation menus, your toolbar and your preferences…
In addition, you get FREE technical support via email to convert your file, in case of a problem.

Check the compatibility of your Mac or Windows operating system.

Download and install the update. Your file is automatically converted.

Enjoy online help, and FREE email support during 2 years.


Once you’ve purchased Heredis (Windows or Mac) in the past, you can update to the new version of Heredis with a privileged rate.

Once the update is installed, start this new version and click “Open a genealogy.” This allows your old data to be converted and imported into the new version. So you find all of your work.

You keep your Heredis Online account. You’ll just need to log in to your Heredis account from your software to continue to enjoy it. Click the Heredis Online icon from your software and then manage my account. If you’ve lost your password, you can ask for a new one.

Do you have a problem with one of our products and need technical assistance? Check out our knowledge base, ask for help on our discussion forum or open a support ticket.

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What's new Heredis

Discover the new features, improvements and optimizations of the latest version of Heredis. Each new version is an opportunity to fix bugs and increase performance!