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Family tree software for desktop, native Mac and Windows

Heredis helps 100,000 genealogy enthusiasts and professionals each day to discover their ancestors and create impressive family trees. From researching documents to analyzing statistics, discover more than 200 features and carry out an incredible investigation to trace back your origins.

1 - Create your tree

Add family members or import a GEDCOM file: attach photos, alternate names, events, facts, places, sources and much, much more…

2 - Find your ancestors

Capture all documents useful to your genealogy and search for ancestors amongst archives in Europe as well as in the rest of the world…

3 - Share your history

Relate your family history, print out family trees, share with any person you choose and on any type of device…

Heredis, the future of your ancestors!

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All the features you need to be a successful genealogist…

There is no better genealogy software than Heredis to create your family trees and to see your genealogy researches progress quickly. You’ll find more than 200 features in total to help you create, improve, share, and relate your ancestors’ history. It’s a wealth of features that has no equal!

Easy to install

Download, install, and start working on your genealogy right away.

Unlimited pedigree charts

Dozens of chart formats, designs, settings and options (ancestors, descendants or hourglass types).

Searching for ancestors

Launch searches from Heredis using some major search engines, or communicating with FamilySearch.

Sharing documents

Print and share your genealogy data: charts, illustrated books, personal website, photo slideshows, etc.

All devices

On Mac and PC, as well as on your smartphone and tablet; iOS and Android apps.


Track and follow the progress of your genealogy while publishing meaningful statistics.

Helpful tools

Capturing acts and records, editing images, indexes, data merging, consistency checking, etc.

Help & Support

Our knowledge base, presentation videos, and a large community of users throughout the world.

GEDCOM compatible

Any file from any other genealogy software or website can be imported into Heredis.

30 years with Heredis!

Heredis will soon celebrate its 30th anniversary! Since we started, we have released 33 full versions and an almost endless amount of small updates. Discover the success story of Heredis since the very first release in 1994.

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