Genealogy software. For your family tree and your genealogical research.

It has never been so easy to build your tree with a genealogy software

Find your ancestors? Child's play

Enter any location into your software: add new ancestors directly to the Immediate Family, in the Ancestors Lineage, on the Quick Entry screen. Customize each of your input screens. Heredis adapts to you and not the other way around. You easily build your family tree.
Fluidity and ingenuity.

Avoid errors

Heredis recognizes the main Anglophone countries, as well as first names and professions with a provided nomenclature. The assistance with the entry is permanent. Text formatting is automatic, predictive text input.

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Save Time

Share an event with multiple attendees in a single entry. For example, practice for a census act: you enter the event once and you share it with all the people quoted in the act!

Genealogical trees as tall as your ancestors

Trees: small or large.

10, 50 or even 100 generations? The size of your trees in ancestry, in offspring and mixed, is unlimited. Convenient when you have a large family.

The trees you want are here

A wide variety of family trees are available in your genealogy software. The hardest part is choosing.


Heredis helps you find your ancestors

Search online Archives. From Heredis.

Everything is at your fingertips directly in your software: departmental archives, communal archives, military bases, libraries, in several countries departmental and municipal archives, military records and libraries all over the world. Find documents online without leaving your software. Capture the acts you find and integrate them directly into your genealogy.

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Find your ancestors with Heredis Online

Your genealogical research at your fingertips

With Heredis Online, you have over 350 million pieces of free genealogical data.
What to make beautiful finds.

Ask for it. And find.

Use Smart Search to pass your data through combined search criteria and find exactly what you’re looking for.

Share your genealogy with

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Your genealogy on the Internet

In one click, propel the website of your ancestors, searchable by your family, your friends. Totally free.

It's the story of a photo

From a photo, capture faces and identify the persons in it. If you do not recognize a person, your entourage may be able to identify them and add a story to this picture.

Image editing

If your pictures are not perfect, you can correct them. Crop or rotate a photo, enhance colors, or convert color photos into stunning black and white. Build real albums, put them online and share them with others.

Your genealogy everywhere. On your

Simply activate File Sharing and your tree can be found on all your devices.

Heredis, your on-board computer

Guide your genealogy

The dashboard offers you a unique tracking tool for your research: at a glance, you know where you are in your genealogy. How many ancestors have I found? Which acts am I missing? No problem, Heredis informs you. Heredis even tells you the ancestors you are potentially able to find in each generation. Follow only the indicators you have chosen. Pay attention only to what is important to you. Control the progress of your genealogy, identify what you need to do and achieve your goals.

Analyze the movements of your ancestors

Discover the migratory flows of your ancestors. Seek to understand the reasons that led your ancestors to move to other territories. Due to work or health constraints, or natural causes? Genealogy with Heredis goes far beyond what you thought.


Genealogical documents shovel

Books from your story

Edit real books written automatically. Inspired by Michel Demorest’s Filiatus® technology. Leave an imprint of your genealogical work.

Documents for working well

Heredis also publishes numerous lists and fact sheets: very useful work documents for organization while doing research or during presentations.

Launch beautiful slideshows.

Turn your photos into beautiful slideshows to show your genealogical photos. Select the theme that will make your photos sublime, all with music in the background.


Which version to choose?

Family tree software for Windows and Mac


Recommended for people who have already done some genealogy or already have a software / genealogy site. Does not require more specific computer skills.

  • All new features 2017 All functions Heredis.
  • Unlimited Data entry
  • Sold for download on the Heredis Store
Buy Heredis 2017 for Windows

Free demo version available here


Recommended for people who have already done some genealogy or already have a software / genealogy site. Does not require more specific computer skills.

  • All the innovations 2017 All functions Heredis.
  • Unlimited Data entry
  • Sold for download on the Heredis Store and on the App Store
Buy Heredis 2017 for Mac

Free demo version available here


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