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Heredis 2024 : The Heredis team has released a new version of its genealogy software: version 2024. Genealogists will appreciate the new features as the Family Chronology or the mixed Wheels or the improvements as the place format they can choose!  26/01/2023

Help with your research: The Heredis Team can help you break through your brick walls, decipher a record or even provide advice on your genealogical research.
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Heredis 2023: Merge your duplicate ancestors, edite your Descendants wheel, gather all families from any given village in one book, enjoy the new Heredis Online and over 50 improvements and corrections…


Heredis 2022: Dynamic ancestors wheel – Dead ends – Declare a person as complete – Import indexes and dozens of improvements!


Heredis 2021: Family tree in 360 degrees! The new version of the Heredis genealogy software has been released – Heredis 2021 for Windows and Mac offers numerous new developments as well as a new graphic highlight …


Heredis 2020:
Yet again, you’ll be offered an all-in-one experience directly from Heredis: the very best features of this software are now extended to the entire world!


Heredis 2019:
More than ever, with its 2019 version, Heredis pays a tribute to the events of the past and to the memory of our ancestors. This is what makes this version a must- have version.


Heredis 2018:
NEWS 2018 – Heredis launches its 2018 version, a version adapted to American genealogists.


Heredis 2017:
NEWS 2017 – Dashboard – File info – Genealogical statistics – Search tracking – Smart Search – Serial modification – Search / replace – Books – File sharing …


Heredis for Android:
Heredis is now available on Android ! Your application is free and available on the Play Store, genealogists can now move everywhere with their family tree files on all their Android devices.


Heredis 2015:
With the 2015 version, Heredis advances the research of genealogists even further. It now includes a search module for online archives. With the 2015 release, everything is now in Heredis. No need for additional software to be installed or paid for to have all the tools necessary for your genealogy! Heredis 2015 offers new and interesting possibilities for truly ALL genealogists. The innovations offered are real advances for your work. Heredis 2015 stands out as being the most complete software for managing any genealogy.


BSD Concept has been taken over by its employees in the form of a SCOP:
Bernard and Sylvette David, the founders of this Montpellier based company have decided to retire and pass the business over to their employees. The transfer of the business to its employees has proven to be the most appropriate choice. In the view of the former owners, their employees are the most likely to assure the durability of the software. They are all computer technology and genealogy enthusiasts, fully aware of all the needs of genealogists. The team that is currently in place has been with BSD Concept for over 6 years for the most recent, and 15 years for the others!


Heredis 2014:
Heredis 2014 is a major release of the software. Heredis is the only software program that accompanies you from A to Z with your genealogy thanks to the Search Wizard ! This highly innovative feature allows you to take a look at where you are in your research and highlights known or missing items from your genealogy. It suggests different ways forward and proposed various online research tools targeted to websites such as Heredis Online, Ancestry, My Heritage… Heredis 2014 is the complete solution for your genealogy: Heredis will do it ALL.


Heredis Online:
Heredis launches Heredis Online, a new service for publishing and research on the Internet. Operating in France since 2007, this service is now available worldwide as of October 16. 
Research with Heredis Online is now available to all genealogists from the site www.heredis- online.com. Tens of thousands of family trees online are indexed, posted by users of Heredis and nearly 200 million records and are accessible to all.


Heredis for Mac:
Heredis for Mac is changing genealogy. Using all the latest development technologies, it is based on an environment entirely re-thought from A to Z. Compatible with Mac, PC and iOS platforms, it will communicate with the Heredis Blue Suite. The Heredis Blue Suite is re-inventing genealogy and offers a whole new vision of this science, because all the Heredis programs communicate with each other. It offers a unique range of programs adapted to each genealogy, be it for Mac, for PC or for iOS.