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The Heredis Team

Based in the Millénaire district, in Montpellier, South of France, Heredis is a world-leading company in the genealogy software market. The team is made up of people who are passionate and motivated not only by their profession, but also by genealogy, into which they have all versed from the day they joined Heredis. They all work together, moving forward in the same direction so they meet the needs of Heredis users. The Heredis Team strives to develop top-quality genealogy software programs, all made in France.

Heredis’ Company History

Heredis is first and foremost a family business. The adventure began in 1994, when computer scientist Bernard David and family historian Sylvette David decided to create Heredis. Heredis is a Mac-native software program initially developed for a family member who was eager to find an easy-to-use and intuitive genealogy program.

Over the years, Heredis had become the go-to reference on the French genealogy market: Bernard and his wife had put all their energy into developing the company.
In 2014, the founding couple sold their shares to their employees. The company was then taken over by the employees, who had joined forces to ensure the company’s long-term future. The team, already very close-knit at the time, developed a new way of operating: a participative management company in which each employee became a shareholder.

Today, Heredis is the most widely used genealogy software in France and around the world. For the past 29 years, the entire team has been at the service of people passionate about genealogy and the history of their ancestors. The ongoing creation of new software programs – which are at the same time easy to use, state-of-the-art, and complementary – definitely helps genealogy enthusiasts progress in their work in the most efficient manner. Heredis’ ambition is to offer the very best genealogy software program available. Each new version is tested by beta testers and redesigned based on user feedback.

Since 2012, Heredis has also been helping English-speaking users to find their ancestors, create beautiful family trees, and do their research online. To further its commitment to providing quality software to its English-speaking users, Heredis collaborates with genealogy organizations in several English-speaking countries.

Heredis – Behind the name

It comes from the Latin word heres, heredis (genitive) that gave its name to the software. Here is the definition: *hērēs (haerēs), ēdis, **heir, heiress, legatee. **offspring (of a tree).

The Heredis Values


Innovating is at the heart of our concerns and is part of Heredis’ DNA. Heredis has always been a forerunner, both in terms of the technologies offered (as the #1 genealogy software on Mac in France) and in terms of the genealogy tools offered to its users. Heredis has been at the forefront of genealogy, offering features such as Search Tracking and the Online Archives capture tool, with the goal of providing the best possible support for all genealogists.
Heredis is also innovative in its organization by using participative management methods and collective intelligence.


Heredis makes every effort to offer quality genealogy software programs. The company predominantly focuses on customer satisfaction. Internal control processes are implemented throughout the year. The team works closely with beta testers to improve quality, both at the genealogical level and in bug fixes. In addition, Heredis cooperates with its users: each improvement is based on a user’s suggestion and made to fulfill his or her expectations.


Heredis makes every effort to meet every stakeholder’s needs in the company: users, suppliers, employees, associates, and partners. Each stakeholder has different expectations, and Heredis takes them into consideration by focusing on communication and putting quality ahead of quantity. Satisfaction is a top priority.


Heredis partners with numerous genealogical societies. The company hopes to help them by providing efficient tools that will promote their activities along with the genealogy industry in general. Heredis’ ambition is to make genealogy better known throughout the world.


Sharing is part of Heredis’ DNA. The company is an employee/shareholder-owned company, which means that strategic decisions are made together around the table. Each employee is free to share his or her knowledge and ideas. At Heredis, all employees are consulted and involved in the life of the company.


Heredis is committed to the well-being of its employees and the quality of life at work. The team organizes activities outside of work hours to increase team spirit. A common room is also made available to employees to discuss team, professional, and personal development.

The work organization allows for each employee’s own constraints by offering flexible working hours and the possibility of teleworking. Heredis prides itself on respecting the balance between work and personal development.

Heredis 2024

5 September 2023
The Family Chronology, the Mixed Wheel, which can display up to 12 generations of your ancestors and descendants, new options available for all the wheels, the option to rename your media, the option to choose from various date formats in your documents, data protection, easier transmission of your genealogy files from one device to another… Read more

Heredis 2023

20 September 2022
A research journal, the location wheels, the new Find Duplicates tool, import GEDCOM 7 files, the PDF reader, your media in HD and + 50 improvements Read more

Heredis 2022

21 September 2021
Comparison Tree & Merging Tool – Descendants Wheel – Families from my Village – New Heredis Online – More than 50 improvements! Read more

Heredis 2021

22 September 2020
Dynamic ancestors wheel – Dead ends – Declare a person as complete – Import indexes and dozens of improvements! Read more

Heredis 2020

12 December 2019
Zoom in on the World – Geolocating Place Subdivisions – Zoom in on a Place – Bordering Places- A new Family Tree Mapping – Midnight blue Theme – Custom Reports: Sources and Places – Many improvements! Read more

Heredis 2019

4 December 2018
Heredis launches its 2019 version, a version adapted to American genealogists. » Download the press release » Watch the video Read more

Heredis moves

24 April 2017
Heredis invests in 400m2 of renovated offices in the heart of the millennium district in Montpellier to welcome new employees and continue its international development. Read more


9 December 2015
BSD Concept launches Heredis for Android! Free and available on the Play Store, genealogists can now move everywhere with their family tree files on all their Android devices. » Read the press releases Read more


15 July 2014
BSD Concept has been taken over by its employees in the form of a SCOP. Read more

20 years

15 January 2014
Heredis celebrates 20 years of existence. Read more

App Store

24 January 2013
Heredis for Mac is on sale on the App Store. Read more

Blue suite apps

8 May 2012
Launch of Heredis Blue Suite for PC, Mac and iOS in France and internationally. Read more

Outside printing

21 January 2010
Heredis offers its users the possibility to print large format family trees directly from their software to an outside printing organisation. Read more

Planète Généalogie

17 January 2007
Launch of “Planète Généalogie”, destined for publications and other researches of genealogists. Read more

N°1 in France

15 February 2006
Heredis voted favorite genealogy software in France according to the GFK France Research Institute. Read more

German market

7 April 2004
Heredis reaches the German market with its version 7.2 for Windows. Read more


17 January 2001
First version of Heredis for Mac aimed at international markets. Read more

Complementary software

10 March 1998
Launch of complementary software for genealogy, notably “La France à la Loupe” and the “Livre de Famille”. Read more


22 January 1997
Diffusion of Heredis extended to retail distribution. Read more

Apple Expo

18 April 1996
Major success for Heredis at Apple Expo (best software, excluding games) Read more

For Windows

24 October 1995
Launch of Heredis for Windows. Read more

For Mac

22 June 1994
Creation of Heredis for Macintosh. Diffusion by press cuttings and meetings with genealogists throughout the French Regions. Read more