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The History of Heredis

The adventure began in 1994 when Bernard David, a computer expert and passionate genealogy enthusiast, created the Heredis software for a member of his family who wanted a simple and intuitive program for his genealogy that he had not yet found. Heredis was originally written for Mac. Today it is the leading genealogy software program in France and throughout Europe.

For 25 years, the team has been serving lovers of genealogy and the history of their ancestors. The continual creation of new, performing, simple, innovative and complementary software has without doubt helped enthusiasts to continue their work to great effect.

Heredis maintains its objective to offer the best possible software for genealogy. Each new version is conceived based on input from users who are best able to tell us what is truly needed.

Our customers are our greatest asset. With Heredis, every idea and every development has come from the suggestions of a customer. We listen carefully to every remark sent to our team, which will perhaps give birth to a future project.

Origin of Heredis name

It comes from the Latin word heres, heredis (genitive) that gave its name to the software. Here is the definition: *hērēs (haerēs), ēdis, **heir, heiress, legatee. **offspring (of a tree).

The Heredis Team

Based in Montpellier, at the Millénaire, the Silicon Valley of the South of France, the Heredis Team includes ten developers. Their specificities: passionately immersed in the world of computer science, they were all immediate converts to genealogy the day they joined Heredis. They work in close collaboration with our users daily via the dedicated forum.

Heredis 2020

12 December 2020